Great russian company of Industrial wastewater treatment plants

Since 1999, the KVANT MINERAL working closely on treatment facilities industrial wastewater (electroplating, manufacturing of printed circuit boards, coal mining, trucking, etc.). Unlike other companies, we do solve problems of customers, and not sell their standard services.

The company has its own production base and qualified personnel, which ensures high quality and demand of products and services. During the examination of work never rejected the design documentation of observations made by us in sections.

The KVANT MINERAL carries out the following activities:

  1. Design of new and reconstruction of existing wastewater treatment facilities industrial wastewater. Manufacture, integration, installation, commissioning of equipment, training of personnel.
  2. Development of water purification technology for the specific conditions of the customer, laboratory studies and pilot tests of the technology at the facility.
  3. Manufacturer of water purification equipment:
  1. Production of activated aluminosilicate adsorbent GLINT.
  2. Services of treatment facilities of galvanic production.

Many project organizations that do not have a strong technological service, it is necessary to apply typical solutions (based on building codes / recommendations of the Handbook of the designer), or technology gleaned from the descriptions of the manufacturers of water purification equipment. Our technicians approach each object individually, taking into account the whole complex of technical conditions, Customer requirements and funding; develop technology for the purification of runoff. Apply only proven technological methods.

Development of design documentation is made at the optimum time. Thus we receive a Customer package of documents fully meets the technical specification and meets the requirements of RF Government Decree No. 87 dated 16.02.2008.

Project documentation necessarily involves drawings, diagrams, graphs, etc., as well as explanations of them and all necessary textual information provided in sections 12 (TX, ATX, ES, etc.). The scope of the project sufficient for smooth completion of the examination.

Having a lot of commissioned sewage treatment plants we are already at the stage of elaboration of technical-commercial proposals with high confidence estimated cost of works and equipment, which eliminates the high costs for “contingencies”. Customers rely on our technical and commercial proposals with cost estimating, evaluation of investment projects, selection of contractor for design, fabrication, installation and commissioning of sewage treatment plants.

Implemented more than 50 projects of sewage treatment plants industrial wastewater

See our reference list, our case studies: Reference sheet of OOO “KVANT MINERAL”

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